The Persuaded Releases Music Video for “Forced Silence”

The Persuaded has released a music video for their song “Forced Silence” from their debut album release Dawn of Destruction with Rockfest Records.

The Persuaded brings driving guitars along with melodic vocals and screamed vocals with that metal edge. The music video does not disappoint, driving home the lyrics of “Burn me at the stake but I won’t go silent / I will change this world and not be silenced.”

The message in the video is clear, as are the elements are used to convey the message. Alternating between music shots of the band playing the track and the storyline, the video shows that no matter the circumstances they are placed in, The Persuaded will not conform and stop speaking the truth: “Stay in line / Comply and survive / Do what you’re told or sacrifice your life / Believe the lie until you die / Never speak your mind / We will not hide or be contained / This is my world and we will fall if we do not unite as one.”

Watch the music video on YouTube and stay updated on all things The Persuaded by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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