The Jericho Harlot Joins The Rotweiller Records Pack

Punk rock band The Jericho Harlot delivered a new single for the Saturday before Easter, along with letting fans know they are working on a new album.

Rotweiller Records shared news in their fan group that The Jericho Harlot is joining the label, saying “It’s about stinkin’ time we got some straight up punk rock and roll up in the pound!!” The band, which has been releasing music independently since forming in 2012, is also planning to release a new album on the label.

“Snakes,” the first single, features an upbeat punk vibe and impressive vocal harmonies. Listen to the single on their Bandcamp page at

The Jericho Harlot is an Indianapolis based post-punk trio that blends a mix of vocal harmonies and crisp guitar, with explosive hooks and clever lyric writing. Previous album such as Creatures can be found on Spotify or Apple Music.

Learn more about the punk rockers by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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