Random Hero Releases Music Video for “Outgrown”

Random Hero of Rockfest Records announced the world premiere of their music video for their song “Outgrown” which is featured on their latest album Tension. The video was produced by Joel Burris of ATD Media.

This music video is a touching tribute and look into the band’s life and family. It also features fans and clips of Random Hero’s shows. Images and videos are seamlessly intertwined to tell the story of community, togetherness, and love.

The lyrics and video also feel like it is God speaking to those He loves, saying He will never leave us or forsake us: “When your heart breaks / I’ll make you whole / When your breath fails I’ll breath for you / I will grip you tight when you lose control / I will mend the dreams you left on the floor / I will hold the pieces of you that you have outgrown.”

Aaron Watkins vocals only better serve to drive the beautiful message of this track with his strong vocal performance.

Listen to Tension on Spotify or Apple Music.

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