Reunited In Isolation: Remedy Drive Shares Rendition Of “Daylight”

What better time to get the band back together than during a quarantine? Let that sink in for a moment while we tell you about the power of the internet.

Remedy Drive, led by founding member David Zach, brought together past and former members on a socially distant rendition of “Daylight.” Joined by drummer Tim Buell, guitarist Dave Mohr, Phillip Zach and Corey Horn, David Zach led the reunited version of Remedy Drive in a beautiful rendition of their 2008 hit single.

“We only all five been on the same stage before a couple of times but we’ve played together in different arrangements over the last 9 years,” the band said in a post on Facebook.

“One thing is clear about this group of guys – we all love each other and we miss seeing each other – and playing music together. We’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles together by air and interstate – and now making music together while separated in our isolated exile.”

David Zach has been regularly serenading and performing live for fans throughout the global pandemic, hoping to bring hope into a difficult situation. They’ve also released a second song in what will be a series, sharing “Hope” on April 21.

Catch additional installments of Prisoners Of Hope by following Remedy Drive on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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