Needtobreathe Announces Member Departure

Needtobreathe released a statement informing fans that their brother Bo would be leaving the band as he pursues the next chapter in his life. Bo is set to make a statement about what the future holds for him, but Needtobreathe wanted friends, family, and fans to know they would be continuing as a band.

They shared that they contemplated if they could continue on as a band without Bo. They realized it would definitely be different without him there, but that, “the journey of each member…past, present and future…has been marked by something greater – something beyond us as people.” They acknowledged that Needtobreathe isn’t just a band but through God’s grace and the fans has become much more.

Needtobreathe stated in their announcement, “We have been given the gift of fans who not only listen to the music but allow the music and shows to be a part of their lives – in birth, in death, in love, in loss, in pain, and in joy. This band has based its entire existence endeavoring to inspire people to contemplate and care about the things that matter most. We look forward to singing for y’all for years to come.”

They are excited for things to come and hopes that fans will not only stick with them but through Bo in this next chapter.

Bo founded the band with his brother, Bear, in 2001, and has been a guitarist, backup vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist ever since. Follow Needtobreathe’s upcoming announcements and music news on their Facebook.

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