StillWaiting Debuts Strong New Single “Cheapshot”

StillWaiting is released their newest single “Cheapshot” on April 17. The track is hard-hitting energetic song with driving guitars, drums, and some serious vocal harmonies. It leaves the listener wanting more.

The lyrics hit just as hard as the music:

"Take another cheapshot 
Give 'em what they all want
No one sees the filth inside
Take another cheap shot
Leave 'em with a nice thought
Hide behind a mask of lies... 
I know that I am more than what you've said 
and what you've done to me
I know a hope that sets me free
The one thing you can't take from me..."

It could be a song of inner dialogue where you are asking yourself why you attack and tear yourself down. It could also be a song that seems to drive to the heart of a volatile or toxic relationship where one person tears the other person down. By the end, you begin to see yourself as worth more than what you’ve believed about yourself before.

However you view the song, it is a killer track from a new band that will be a favorite to many. StillWaiting states they are inspired by bands like Disciple, Skillet, RED, Decyfer Down, and Beartooth, so fans of those artists might want to check out this release.

StillWaiting also released a lyric video for this song as well. Watch it here:

StillWaiting is an up-and-coming independent Christian Rock band hailing from Pennsylvania. StillWaiting hopes to reach listeners with the idea that despite life’s trials, tribulations, and our own shortcomings, there is still redemption that can be found in Christ. Their mission is to reach people from every walk of life through their music. For “Cheapshot,” they worked with Josiah Prince of Disciple.

“Cheapshot” is on whatever platform music can be listened to: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play. For more info on upcoming music, watch their Facebook and Instagram.

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