Anchor & Braille Release “Eventful Horizons”

“Eventful Horizons” is the latest track released off Anchor & Braille’s upcoming album Tension. This track is more upbeat but still has that mellow/indy feel that we have come to associate with Anchor & Braille tracks. It was a bit unexpected how upbeat it was, almost with an EDM feel.

An event horizon is “the surface of a black hole  or the boundary of a black hole beyond which nothing can escape from within it.” So this song is not so much about space but as a metaphor for a romantic relationship that is new, unexplored, just like space. As the chorus explains:

Can't explain it to you I just feel this way
Life just works out better when you're around
Take this how you want it feel this deep inside
Life just tastes sweeter when you're around

You can preorder Tension, set to release on Tooth & Nail Records on May 22, and listen to the current singles released at

Listen to the latest track below:

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