Rock On Purpose To Debut Single By Singer Songwriter Jessica Walker Featuring Josiah Prince In May

Singer and songwriter and Rock On Purpose contributing writer Jessica Walker has recorded both original and cover tunes on piano and as a vocalist through Gotchu Covered. She has covered songs from artists like Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, Zahna, and The Protest.

She’s now teaming up with producer Josiah Prince on a single that will debut at Rock On Purpose in May. The big announcement was shared on her Facebook page teasing the forthcoming original song, “You Can’t Control Me” featuring Josiah Prince.

In a conversation with Jessica Walker, she said “I wrote the melody, chords, lyrics, and some of the piano and guitar riffs, but Josiah Prince did all the studio production for it.” The teamwork with the rock community didn’t stop there, according to Walker. “The Protest drummer Jarob Bramlett did the cover artwork.”

Stay tuned to Rock On Purpose in May for the debut of “You Can’t Control Me” and follow Jessica Walker at Gotchu Covered on YouTube.

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