Mahalath Delivers Complex Art With “The Proxy (lockdown mix)”

There is an often overlooked genre of rock and roll that can be found out on the edges where even many hardcore rock fans do not often venture. Electronic and industrial experimental rock with poetic lyrics were often found in niche movies in the 90s, but Joel Raisner is bringing it back in the form of Mahalath.

On April 18, Mahalath released “The Proxy (lockdown mix),” a single that doubles as a complex work of art. Like a great painting, this is not a song that should be consumed like most music is taken in. It is meant to resonate over the course of time, hearing it from different perspectives and appreciating it as having been created from a blank canvas.

“The Proxy” features a lot of experimentation with various sounds, a lot of electronic and bass beats along with the occasional guitar riff thrown in for good measure. Lyrically the tune speaks to finding miracles and looking for answers not found through expected forms of media. Even the cover art is epic and tells a great story.

In an unprecedented season of life, Mahalath has delivered art that is worth taking the time to appreciate, taken in slowly and repeatedly, as if taking time to digest a Picasso original in a museum.

Find Mahalath on Facebook and listen to “The Proxy (lockdown mix)” on ReverbNation.

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