The Protest Partners With Agency Aimed At Ending Human Trafficking

Indiana based Rockfest Records band The Protest continues to grow their ministry in 2020 beyond the music.

The most recent partnership the band has launched is all about helping men overcome pornography addiction and put an end to sex trafficking and slavery. In a social media post announcing the partnership with Don’t Buy Sex, the band said “We are partnering in their fight to end sex trafficking and modern day slavery by raising awareness and setting men free by offering support for pornography addiction.”

Don’t Buy Sex (DBS) has a goal of “seeing the abusers and abused alike in the sex slave industry set free through education and the love of Jesus.” DBS was founded by John Melton forged through a passion for Christian rock and metal. A modern day abolitionist, Melton struggled with pornography at the young age of 11 and self harm and depression at age 14.

He grew up enjoying hard rock and metal music, and after he gave his life to Christ, he discovered the world of Christian rock and metal. DBS is designed to reach the Christian rock and metal audience to further advocate for ending pornography and sex slavery.

As part of Melton’s partnership with The Protest, a “Protest Sex Slavery” t-shirt is available on the merch page of the DBS website.

The Protest has been actively engaged in ministry beyond the music, most recently creating and selling Share The Love t-shirts in support of those impacted by COVID-19, with all profit from the shirts going toward relief efforts.

Follow The Protest on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Learn more about how to help combat human trafficking and end sex slavery by visiting

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