The Hero and A Monster Delivers Metal Gem With Latest Single “Heathen”

Mississippi faith-based metal band The Hero and A Monster are generating buzz around their music with their latest release and collaboration.

Following up their 2019 EP Always, the band released a single featuring Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King. “Heathen” demonstrates musical growth and a plants a flag firmly in the metalcore genre for The Hero and A Monster. The band has established a new sound, saying “our band has now found the sound we love and we want to pursue that.”

The Hero and A Monster features bandmates Tyler Holden, Jordan Thompson, and Kaleb Luebchow skillfully blending modern sounds with traditional metal elements. “Heathen” provides a fresh take on the genre with bass front and center and clean vocals adding impressive harmonies before Ryan Kirby drops his well-known unclean vocals.

Find “Heathen” featuring Ryan Kirby by The Hero and A Monster on Spotify and Apple Music.

Follow The Hero and A Monster on Facebook.


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