DAV Releasing Debut Album “War Zone” June 5

There’s a new rock band on the scene, with powerful lyrics about the Gospel message and how Jesus came to set us free.

DAV (Delivered, Adored, Victorious) began as Dave Hanson’s solo project in 2018, but quickly turned full-band in 2019. Dave’s vision for the band is “to go out into the world, not only to preach the love of God, but to also bring back the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the forefront of the music, by being bold lyrically while digging deep into everyday life that we all face.”

In 2019, DAV released 2 singles: “All it Takes” and “Scratching the Surface.” “All It Takes” featuring Jon The Revalaytor held the #1 spot on ChristianRock.net for 5 weeks in a row, and hit #1 on multiple station outlets. This song was hit #11 on the top 100 of ChristianRock.net in 2019, and landed at #38 on the top 100 on Christian Music Weekly. “Scratching the Surface” also hit #1 upon it’s release, and was #22 in the top 100 of ChristianRock.net and #85 on Christian Music Weekly.

DAV features guest artist Lori Peters (formerly of Skillet) on a handful of songs on the upcoming debut album. Dave shared that working with Lori was a dream come true, and that “knowing her drums are behind the guitar riffs that I’ve created is beyond what words can describe.”

DAV wants listeners to know that the sole purpose of DAV is to encourage everyone to know Christ, to grow deeper in Him, and to let them know that they are never alone; that they are loved by a God who never fails.

To pre-order “War Zone”, click here.

Keep up with DAV on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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