Relent Declares Victory Over Darkness With Latest Single “Low”

When Relent announced their new single coming, I have to admit that I circled May 8 on the calendar. The fresh combination of rap, hard rock, and catchy hooks on their debut Heart Attack was among my favorite sounds of 2019.

“Low” does not disappoint as a Rockfest Records debut single. From forceful but steady drums to staccato rhythm guitars and the hip hop elements blended with hard rock, this is everything Relent fans have been waiting for.

Lyrically the song plays out like conversations I’ve had explaining how depression makes me feel– confused and humiliated at times.

“I want to believe
But I have this disease inside
It brings me to my knees
It doesn’t show, but I want you to know
Sometimes I feel low”

The song doesn’t live in that low and dark place, however, as a message of hope is ultimately delivered through rap as a declaration of victory over darkness.

“The more I spit the more you face defeat
You chose the best
When you chose to mess with me”

Relent does not disappoint in any way with “Low,” but will leave listeners clamoring for a full length project from this rising artist.

Find “Low” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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