Patrick Madsen Announces Departure From Random Hero, Launches Podcast

Drummer Patrick Madsen is moving on from his tenure with Random Hero.

In a post on Facebook, Madsen said that “I announce my departure from Random Hero effective immediately. I am leaving on good terms. 6 years of my life was given to this band and I don’t regret a single minute.”

Details of his reason for leaving were not disclosed, but he recently launched a Podcast called The Guilty Party, which can be found on Instagram and YouTube. The Guilty Party is “a podcast that talks about how we approach life in a honest way, the music industry, and current events.”

Patrick Madsen joined Random Hero when he was 24, and says he is “a better musician, a better friend, and a better man all around” as a result of his time with the band. He is encouraging fans to continue to support Random Hero, saying “there are no hard feelings at all” in his departure. “For now I’m on my horse riding towards the sunset to begin my new chapter. Who knows what that will be?”

Random Hero released an acoustic EP in February to celebrate the charting success of their latest album, Tension. Keep up with Random Hero by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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