LEDGER Shares “Goner” Video

Jen Ledger gave fans a treat today when she posted an “at home” performance of an unreleased new song, “Goner.” The video features Jen Ledger with vocals, Luke Andrews on guitar, Jalon Richard on Drums, and Chris Martin on guitar. The song was arranged by Skillet’s Korey Cooper. The video for this at home performance was created by Jen’s brother’s company in the UK, Ledger Solutions.

This track is an amazing addition to the songs that LEDGER has already released. In this time where everyone is looking for positivity and hope, this is a track that offers exactly that. Jen’s voice is ethereal, and the musical aspects from the band pull together for a great sound.

Lyrics are always important for me as a listener because I connect with lyrics just as much as I connect with a sound. A nice beat or melody is great, but the lyrics need to pull me in as well, and LEDGER does not disappoint me with this either. The song seems to me to speak of a personal relationship with Jesus, and the change that comes with that decision.

“Just one touch
I’m changed, I’m fallin’ in love
And You break into
My heart to make somethin’ new

All of a sudden I don’t feel so hollow
No matter where You lead, I’m gonna follow
‘Cause You’re the only one that I wanna know
Wanna know

I can’t stop now
There’s no way out
I’m a goner
I’m fallin’ fast
I’m gonna crash
I’m a goner”

Find more music from LEDGER on Spotify and Apple Music. Keep up to date on more news from LEDGER on her Facebook and Instagram page.

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