Lacey Sturm Screams Timely Message With “The Decree”

The time’s not near, it’s here.” Lacey Sturm screams this lyric as only she can, dropping her latest single with a forceful, gritty, in-your-face performance.

“The Decree” is the lead single from a highly anticipated sophomore solo record from Lacey. Her first album Life Screams has garnered widespread attention and support from both diehard fans and newcomers.

“The Decree” is a no holds barred rocker from the start, with thick and heavy guitars before a classic Lacey scream launches the song into a hooky verse then rocks out the chorus. Guitarist Joshua Sturm throws down an on point guitar solo to cap off a high energy song.

The theme of the song seems to be twofold: belief in eternity and the journey to find that belief, and how a quiet and peaceful time can speak volumes into our souls. The chorus continues with a melodic approach before breaking into a screaming declaration.

Quiet days we can hear this sound
Heaven’s throne in the earth come down
The decree’s out now
Never been so loud
Making way for the undoing
Of the death in everything
The decree’s out now
Never been so loud
The times not near it’s here!
A holy fear is here!

“The Decree” is enough to satisfy both longtime Lacey Sturm fans and capture the attention of the rock industry– it premiered on SiriusXM Octane the day before it was released. If this is an indication of what the forthcoming full length project will sound like, we are in store for a spectacular album.

Find “The Decree” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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