Collision Of Innocence Declares Victory With Latest Single

South Carolina based metal band Collision Of Innocence has released multiple singles since 2018 and gained steady traction on rock radio stations worldwide. Their latest single is a fiery declaration of victory, full of heavy driving guitars, a blend of clean and unclean vocals. “Today We Rise” is released complete with a concept video full of imagery that leaves no doubt what this song is about.

“‘Today We Rise’ is hard rock fight song dealing with many issues we face today in America,” band member Randy Elswick told Rock On Purpose. “It has a dual meaning. From the spiritual side, it speaks of our spiritual awakening rising up through Christ in these times of persecution. From the physical aspect, it depicts the fight for our Constitutional rights in America to be free.”

Earlier this year, Collision Of Innocence released “Upon The Horizon” while unveiling an edge to their music. That edge remains evident on “Today We Rise.”

Find “Today We Rise” along with the entire Collision Of Innocence catalog on Spotify and Apple Music.

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