Jerry Fee To Drop Covers Album Featuring 90s Classic Alternative Rock Tunes

There are times when nostalgia reminds us of music that we grew up with– perhaps a sight, sound, or smell of summer that takes us back to our childhood homes, or moments in time when music was involved.

Veteran Christian artist Jerry Fee is set to deliver a roadtrip album full of 90s CCM covers tunes on July 3, according to a post on his social media page. Against The Grain features a mix of soft and alternative rock tunes from bands like PFR, Audio Adrenaline, Big Tent Revival, Miss Angie and more.

Fee said that he wanted to do a covers album because these are “my own versions of artists’ songs who had a huge influence on me growing up, maybe it will be your favorite road trip album this summer.”

Jerry Fee’s electro/synth pop-rock style is a combination of Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, and MuteMath blended together. He has also released a stream of acoustic songs this year. Listen to Jerry Fee on Spotify and Apple Music.

Follow Jerry Fee on Facebook for an opportunity to hear song teasers as the release date approaches.

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