Spoken Set to Release New Single “Fallen” June 5

If you are a die hard Rock fan, then June 5, 2020 should definitely be a date worth remembering: the boys from the veteran rock band Spoken have just announced yet another power packed single to be released soon.

Following up on the band’s last two singles this year, “Awaken Me” and “The Way Back Home” from February, Spoken took to social media on May 18 to drop a compelling 48 second teaser video for their newest song to come, “Fallen.”

The short video intrigued fans and built anticipation, yet left us in a state of suspense. The teaser opens with some ambient electronic sounds, accompanied by suspense building drums pads that keep you wondering “what’s coming?” As the pressure builds vocalist, Matt Baird delivers belting screams over the instrumentation and exclaims “we are fallen.” Just when Spoken has the listener eager for what’s next, the audio leaves us on a cliff hanger.

As a long time listener of Spoken, I can’t wait to hear the finale. The previous two singles from their current body of work left me very pleased and excited, and I am expecting “Fallen” to be another amazing song in Spoken’s discography. As in the previous singles, the riffs have been hard hitting, the lyrics deep and compelling, and it seems like Spoken is dabbling in some subtle but new and fresh approaches with keys and synths.

Be on the lookout for this anticipated single by Spoken on June 5, 2020. Find them on Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, and Instagram.

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