Anchor and Braille Releases Ethereal, Uplifting ‘Tension’

Anchor & Braille released their latest full album Tension, and it is a breath of fresh air if you want something that is uplifting and fun.

The album starts off with the track “No Ordinary,” which is a love song (which is what most of the album speaks to). The beat is rhythmic and catchy, coinciding with the lyrics “This ain’t no ordinary drug / This is a different kind of love / This ain’t no ordinary ordinary love / This is a different different kind of love.”

The album moves into a slower, melodic track titled “Black Sea.” This track is wistful in nature, mourning the lost opportunity of a relationship, “the one that got away,” if you will. “Eventful Horizons” is the next track, which is an upbeat but symphonic song that looks at a new relationship like an unexplored space mission. “Dangerous” follows it, an alternative rock track with a driving bass sound discussing how you navigate relationships.

“Tethered” is a peppy pop/R&B track that melds really well with Stephen Christian’s vocals. This is an easy, fun track about the ease of a good relationship. “Closer and Farther” is a more poignant track which shows off Stephen Christian’s ability to write masterful lyrics about life, character, and morality.

Who are we really when no one is watching and no one’s around
If character falls in the dark does it ever ever really make a sound

I want to be known and accepted by someone
Rejected like me, messed like me

The album wraps up with “Madness” and “3 Beautiful Songs.” “Madness” has soaring vocals and a great melody, guitar riffs, and a classic rock sound from Christian, especially in the chorus:

In the madness I’ll just keep on loving you
With all I am I’ll just keep on loving you
No matter where you are I’ll just keep on loving
I’ll just keep on loving yo

Tension is a solid album from Anchor & Braille. It offers the familiarity of Stephen Christian’s vocals, variety, and overall a positive, light, breezy sound that can be an escape from life’s heaviness.

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