Introducing Metal Band Forerunner: “Common” Set For Release July 10

Faith based heavy metal has another entry with new and upcoming Texas based band Forerunner.

The band debuted their first single in March and, according to a recent post on social media, is set to drop their next single in July.

“‘Common’ is set to release on July 10. Mark your calendars! We cant wait to hear the response on this one,” the band said in the announcement. Their first single, “Return,” is a heavy and intense headbanger featuring unclean vocals, gritty pounding guitars and a bit of clean vocals sprinkled in for good measure.

If “Return” is any indication, fans of heavy music will be quick to welcome Forerunner to the metal scene.

Keep up with the band by following them on Facebook and Instagram and hear “Return” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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