NEEDTOBREATHE Releases “Hang On” and “Seasons”

NEEDTOBREATHE has released several singles in their journey towards their August 28 release of the full album Out of Body. Find our review of the single “Survival” and additional info on pre-order packages here.

“Hang On” is an upbeat track that has the iconic vibe that sounds like summer. It makes you want to turn the radio up and roll the windows down. Lyrically it is uplifting and positive, encouraging you to never let go of what’s important in life and to be present because if you’re not, life will pass you by.

In contrast, “Seasons” is a more poignant song. It has a more folk-gospel sound, especially in the chorus. Both songs share the message of not taking life for granted, to hang on to every moment, even in the changing seasons. “Seasons” is a beautiful song that will make the listener stop and ponder.

We're in for nasty weather
And I'll ride it out with you
We won't be riding highs and lows
Like tides of ocean blue
We won't be here forever
Just a moment then we're through
We can't be shifting with the sands
Like seasons always do
Like seasons always do

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