Mike Mains and The Branches Releases New Single “Gonna Get Through This”

Mike Mains & The Branches just released their latest single “Gonna Get Through This,” a resounding anthem of hope and encouragement that poetically addresses and responds to some of the challenges that have recently arisen.

Upon release of the single on Friday, June 19, Tooth & Nail Recording band Mike Mains & The Branches shared on their social media that ‘”Gonna Get Through This’ was born during the quarantine. Friends losing jobs, savings accounts being drained and futures hanging in the balance. Fear was close by the entire time and still… flowers bloomed, babies were born, students had strange graduations & musicians fought for ways to connect with their audience. The light continued to shine in the darkness.”

Frontman and lyricist Mike Mains posted earlier in the week “I wanted to write something that framed what we are experiencing in a way that offered a little light.”

Musically, the song is extremely catchy, with hooks, harmonies, and a buildup of creative vocal layering in the final chorus. This is a song that could very easily find itself on repeat.

Click here to see all the platforms you can listen to and download “Gonna Get Through This,” and check out the lyric video above as well!

Keep up with Mike Mains & The Branches on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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