Skillet Releases “Save Me-Reimagined”

If you are in the need for new music, Skillet gave fans a surprise by announcing they were releasing a “reimagined” version of their hard hitting track “Save Me” off the most recent release, Victorious.

Korey Cooper produced this version of the track. If you are familiar with the original rendition of this song, you’ll know that it is hard-hitting, melt-your-face, powerful rock song. It will stop you in your tracks and will pump you up.

“Save Me-Reimagined” is a completely different take on the song. It still has John Cooper’s strong vocals, but it incorporates more classical strings with a beautiful piano accompaniment instead of driving drums. There is a really beautiful guitar solo mid-song that blends well, building into the apex of the song. The mix of John’s vocals with the softer musicality makes for a beautiful, touching, poignant masterpiece. In releasing various versions of songs over their many albums throughout the years, it shows that there are many sides and facets to Skillet.

Give a listen to the official audio below on their Youtube Channel or save and stream it on Spotify or Apple Music.

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