Disciple’s The People’s Choice Livestream Showcases a Variety of Tracks

Disciple’s most recent livestream was very different from their Love Letter Lockdown Livestream. The Love Letter Lockdown Livestream was amazing, and it would have been the set that they took out on tour if touring was happening. The People’s Choice livestream was something different but incredibly special: it was voted on by fans.

The song choices were songs from Disciple’s catalogue that had not played at the LLLD Livestream. If fans purchased the deluxe ticket, they got access to a VIP acoustic set on Friday and the regular set on Saturday. The acoustic set for this livestream included the songs that came in 16th-23rd place. The setlist for the acoustic included many fan favorites, and as the band attested the whole weekend, many songs they have not play frequently or at all live.

Acoustic Set
Secret Weapon”
“Come My Way”
“Things Left Unsaid”
“Empty Grave”

What was really cool about the setlist from main show on Saturday was that they played the songs in the order of lowest to highest voted, counting down from 15 to 1. An added nice touch was a countdown feature on the video. The livestream was visually amazing, thanks to Joel Burris of ATD Media who does a lot of video and media work for Disciple. The sound of the stream was great also due to the efforts of Disciple’s touring sound engineer Josh O’Connell.

The setlist was an amazing mix of songs covering almost the entirety of Disciple’s discography, from ’99’s This Might Sting a Little all the way to the most recent release Love Letter Kill Shot. The setlist was:

The People’s Choice Setlist:

1. “I Just Know”- This Might Sting a Little
2. “God of Elijah”- By God
3. “Big Bad Wolf”- This Might Sting a Little
4. “Lay My Burdens- Southern Hospitality
5. “By God”- By God
6. “Rise Up”- Self -Titled
7. “God is With Us”- Long Live The Rebels
8. “The Name”- Attack
9. “After the World”- Scars Remain
10. “Regime Change”- Scars Remain
11. “Draw the Line”- Oh God Save Us All
12. “Long Live The Rebels”- Long Live the Rebels
13. “Chemical Wisdom”- Love Letter Kill Shot
14. “Back Again”- Back Again
15. “321”- Southern Hospitality

The whole weekend was great, with many songs that fans never get to hear live. They threw some twists into some songs that made them even better than the original versions. Kevin brought a great message about the reality that believers, instead of being divided, need to be unified because we all believe in Jesus and are defined by His love. It was a powerful, timely, and emotional message.

The final surprise of the evening was that attendees got to hear a clip of “Darkness Dies,” a new track that will be features on the Love Letter Kill Shot: Deluxe Edition. The song will be releasing the first week of August. From what we heard of the track, this deluxe edition is going to be amazing!

Kevin hinted at another livestream possibility in the future, so I don’t think this is the last livestream we will see from Disciple. Maybe the next one will be, as they joked on stage, fan-voted as well, in the direction of your “Dream Disciple Set List.” That would be a tough call to narrow down 15-20 songs that would be a dream setlist, but it would be fun to see what would come out as the top voted songs out of Disciple’s entire discography!

The next chance to see Disciple live is at Chains Unchained, which you can also buy a ticket to stream virtually. Get your ticket at chainsunchained.com.

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