Exploding Onto The Radar: StillWaiting Delivers Fiery Hard Rocker

2020 has been a year with far fewer live shows and a vacuum of mosh pits and high octane performances.

Enter Pennsylvania-based hard rock band StillWaiting with their fiery new single to sum up how music fans might have some pent up energy. Fittingly, “Explode” explodes out of the gate with a guitar riff before launching into a relentlessly energetic and melodically pleasing hard rock song. Thematically, the song is about resistance and fighting for who you are, leaving a legacy.

StillWaiting released a 5-song EP project with Karl Anderson and Darren Elder of Halo Productions called the Ever Haunting EP in 2013. They recently released a single, “Bury You,” produced by Josiah Prince of Disciple, and “Cheapshot” earlier in 2020.

Check out more of their music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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