Seventh Day Slumber Releases “Eternity” Ahead of Their Upcoming Worship Album ‘Unseen: The Lion and The Lamb’

Seventh Day Slumber’s “Eternity” is an uplifting track off of their upcoming worship album Unseen: The Lion and The Lamb, releasing August 7, 2020.

The band has shared that they wanted to release this track to speak something different, uplifting, and positive in a time where everything seems so divisive and there are so many voices speaking. This song says that the voice that will speak after everything else is silenced and gone away is God’s voice, and that will be for all eternity.

“Eternity” is powerful lyrically and musically. The sound is more worshipful and melodic with powerful driving piano and drums, a soaring rock worship ballad that blends SDS’s musicality and Joseph’s vocals. The chorus is particularly poignant:

We’re looking for flashing signs and wonders
Looking for saviors on the screen
But you are a God who speaks in whispers echoing through eternity
You echo through eternity

“Eternity” finishes out by speaking to what I think anyone can relate to: the feeling of loneliness. This is particularly relevant in this current time as ever when we are isolated from so many things, things that we used to do or people that we used to be able to see. All you’re left feeling often times is alone, but Seventh Day Slumber speaks to that:

I just want to believe
I am not alone
Sometimes it’s so hard to see
You are here with me
I just want to believe
No matter where I go
Sometimes it’s so hard to see

Seventh Day Slumber has a preorder bundle for sale on their online store. The bundle comes with both part 1 & 2, the album t-shirt, and a poster for $25.

The lyric video released for this song is also beautifully done and can be viewed below as you give the track off their upcoming album a listen.

Follow Seventh Day Slumber on their socials for upcoming tour dates, new music news, and videos:


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