NEEDTOBREATHE Announces Livestream Opportunity

In lieu of an actual summer and fall tour supporting their release Out of Body, NEEDTOBREATHE has announced a live stream opportunity for fans. On August 28 at 9 PM ET, they will host an HD live stream called “Celebrating Out of Body” from Nashville, Tennessee.

This livestream is a celebration of the release of their 7th studio album. While they would love to play the tracks live and in-person for fans, this still allows fans to hear these new songs with a concert experience from home.

You can purchase tickets for “Celebrating Out of Body” on their website. A concert ticket for the livestream is $10, and there are a couple of bundle options that include a concert ticket and poster, and another that includes an “Out of Body” shirt with the concert ticket and poster. NEEDTOBREATHE hopes fans can enjoy this “immersive concert experience.”

Follow NEEDTOBREATHE on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify for updates as the release of Out of Body approaches.

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