Aggressive Truth: “Black Sheep” by Man Ov God

Man Ov God, the solo project of Brook Reeves (Impending Doom), is self-described as “Ministry through the most aggressive music known to man.”

Brutally raw screams backed by the electronic tones of trap music bring life to honest lyrics. Man Ov God’s latest single, “Black Sheep,” screams the narrative of the faith-filled followers of Christ who don’t fit in with the mainstream church.

Including over 200 Man Ov God fans on gang vocals, “Black Sheep” is a collaborative effort among the outcasts. The music is reminiscent of a horror movie score, with just enough dissonance to create an uneasy mood. However, the lyrics carry a sense of unity among the faithful, while unashamedly calling out people who let religion go to their head:

I guess we're not so different after all
The only difference is I'm bleeding with flaws
And you talk to me like you are a god”

“Black Sheep” is a bold song. Man Ov God could be construed as a controversial project. But underneath the screams and the eerie tunes, there is an undeniably fierce spirit fighting for truth.

You can find “Black Sheep” on Spotify.

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