Evanescence Releases “Use My Voice,” Cowritten with VERIDIA’s Deena Jakoub

Today Evanescence released “Use My Voice,” the latest release from their upcoming album The Bitter Truth. The song was cowritten with VERIDIA’s Deena Jakoub, who also provided backing vocals.

“Use My Voice” is an auditory celebration of some of the women in rock and roll, with gang vocals being provided by Lindsey Stirling, Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Taylor Momson (The Pretty Reckless), and Sharon del Adel (Within Temptation) as well as Deena. Beyond being a powerful musical collaboration, “Use My Voice” empowers listeners to vote with courage and compassion. There’s a campaign accompanying the song, which you can learn more about at usemyvoice.org.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Evanescence singer Amy Lee shared “It’s always been a personal rule for me not to talk politics, because I want our music to be a place where we come together, where we put our differences aside and connect as one big unified spirit through music. But the state of our nation right now weighs very heavily on my heart, like never before. I feel too much to keep it in this time and a responsibility to do something with my platform to try and help— to empower the people. To shine a light. To fight for freedom because it’s not free, it takes work. We can’t just expect things to go as they should and for people to be honest and fair, we have to keep them in check. I believe it’s time for us to take our country back.”

“The word ‘honor’ doesn’t even begin to describe my emotions right now!” Deena shared on VERIDIA’s Facebook. “I am elated and humbled to have been a part of co-writing this song and singing anthemic bgvs with other empowering females.”

You can find the song at https://evanescence.lnk.to/UseMyVoice. Follow VERIDIA on Facebook and Instagram.

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