Forsaken Hero Releases “Gracie’s Song”

Emily Price of Forsaken Hero wrote “Gracie’s Song,” and the band released it to their Facebook and to streaming services this month. Emily wrote the song in remembrance of her friend Gracie Dimit, who passed away recently in a tragic car accident. Forsaken Hero hopes the song resonates with anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a loved one and needs comfort.

The track is a soaring ballad sung beautifully by Emily. It offers a mixture of melodic piano tones with the sound that is familiar with Forsaken Hero, plus powerful vocals and a slight hint of a rock element to round out this tribute ballad.

If you have ever lost a loved one, there are always things that you want to say to them or wish you had said, as well as hope for what they’re experiencing in Heaven. Emily’s lyrics speak eloquently and beautifully of those thoughts that go through our heads when we experience loss.

Right now words fail to speak, memories are all we have to keep
When the world falls apart right before my eyes,
when the day turns to night, and you’re no longer in this life

I hope you’re running through fields of sunflowers,

I hope there’s glitter in your hair.
I know you’re singing to the Father and you have peace there.
The world you left behind, will forever sing your name,
and when I get there we’ll laugh and dance again.

You can listen to “Gracie’s Song” on the streaming service of your choice.

Watch the touching video accompanied by the audio as Emily’s way of remembering Gracie and her high school classmates.

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