Poetic Descent Unveils Hard Rocker “Shallow Graves”

Ohio based alternative metal rockers Poetic Descent are known for their unabashedly faith-based lyrics and face melting shredding on guitars as well as on point harmonies. Their latest single does not depart from that high octane approach to delivering a good word. “Shallow Graves” features Paul Carnahan of Knoxville-based metalcore band Time & Eternity.

The song is a headbanger, including incredible vocal harmonies blended with technically skilled guitar riffs and well-placed unclean vocals. You can hear it everywhere music is streamed, but the lyric video serves as a visualization (resembling speakers vibrating out of your screen).

Poetic Descent was formed out of former band Mayfly, focusing on raw and redemptive themes. You can learn more about them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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