A Tragic Reality: “No Return” by As Lions and Lambs

Content Note: Mentions of domestic violence and suicide.

A powerful display of hurt and rage, As Lions and Lambs’ latest single “No Return” echoes the thoughts of someone experiencing domestic violence. Backed by a string of breakdowns, the vocals and lyrics are equally brutal:

In that moment life seemed serene
Until you took away the thing that made me, me
Raped my innocence
Raped my innocence”

The song begins in a dark place and continues to dip deeper into the depths of despair. “No Return” speaks of a tragic reality in a candid way that is rarely seen in faith-based music.

Left to rot with all of my self-doubt
Hate, pain, fear, rage
Enslaved to your game”

Shining a light on the fact that over 10 million people suffer through domestic abuse every year in the United States, As Lions and Lambs have released a message that needs to be heard. “No Return” is a vicious song that refuses to water down the stories that far too many people are living out today.

You can find “No Return” on Spotify.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, please reach out at thehotline.org

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