A Surprise From Jason Dunn: “The Lost Sessions, Pt. 1”

Jason Dunn, the founder and original frontman of pop-punk band Hawk Nelson, surprised fans this week with the release of 10 songs on a self-titled album called The Lost Sessions, Pt. 1.

Jason shared on social media that this collection of songs was written years ago, and it wasn’t until recently that he found them on an old harddrive in his basement. He reflects on his time writing and recording them, saying “This time of my life I was at an all time low. My career was ending. My marriage was ending. My mental health was very unstable… Although this was by far the strangest time in my life, I’m glad I still have these recordings.”

Based on the album title, it is assumed there will be more from Jason coming in the future. Keep up with him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and listen to The Lost Sessions, Pt. 1 on Spotify!

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