Rusty Shipp Close Out Summer With Beachy Rock Single

From Rusty Shipp PR

After receiving various awards and nominations for the concept album Liquid Exorcist, Nashville rockers Rusty Shipp are closing out summer with the surf-inspired single “Hundred Crosses.”

This bouncy new single, which sounds like a fusion of Muse and The Beach Boys, stays consistent with the band’s nautical rock theme as it takes the listener on an underwater rollercoaster ride that weaves in and out of spacey, surf rock guitars and ominous, acoustic choruses, later joined with a ghostly choir that builds into a celestial crescendo.

Taken from the middle of their concept album Liquid Exorcist, which follows the story of sea mine terrorism in the 1940’s, the lyrics explore the motives, consequences, and solutions for war. The song is accompanied by an equally moving music video, illustrated and animated by the same artist that did the album artwork (Hein Zaayma). It paints a story that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

The aim of Rusty Shipp is to take up the torch passed down from rock legends of the past five decades; and to hold it up in an age when mainstream music has seemed to give up on rock bands. They combine the pop melodies and surf-rock guitars of Dick Dale and The Beach Boys with the hard-hitting alt-rock sounds of Nirvana and Muse to craft songs distinguished by their unconventional riffs and addictive choruses.

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