Disciple Releases “Kingdom Come”

On August 28, Disciple released a new track off of Love Letter Killshot: Deluxe Edition. “Kingdom Come” follows the release of “Darkness Dies,” another track from the deluxe rerelease.

Disciple first played “Kingdom Come” for fans who tuned into the Love Letter Lockdown livestream in May. Love Letter Kill Shot: Deluxe Edition releases September 18, 2020, including these two songs plus one more.


“Kingdom Come” does not disappoint. It is definitely a heavier addition to the album, offering a different sound than “Darkness Dies.” “Kingdom Come” mixes different components to create a solid rock sound that fans are sure to enjoy. It starts out with heavy drums and guitars, but the chorus has a nice melodic sound showing off Kevin Young’s vocal prowess. The breakdown with insane guitar riffs is signature Disciple. For fans who want the heavier Disciple song, this is it. It has a similar sound to “Reanimate” on the initial release of Love Letter Kill Shot.

Lyrically, the song is powerful. It is an almost prayerful and introspective song where someone is talking with God about the trials and tribulations of this world, while knowing where their hope lies and longing for a world with love instead of pain and sorrow. It invites us to view the world through God’s eyes with love.

If love is the answer
Then let your kingdom come
If love is the answer
Then let your will be done

Let your kingdom come
And cover me
With your heaven on my lips
Let me love like You love
Let my war turn to pieces of You
When your kingdom comes
Let your kingdom come

If there’s a world where there’s no hate anymore
Where there’s no pain anymore
A world where dark won’t shine like before
Then let me receive it

Listen to the new song below! Add it to your playlist and share from Spotify and Apple Music.


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