Fireflight Releases New Single and Music Video “Who We Are”

Fireflight has released a new single and music video for “Who We Are,” the first track from their upcoming two part album The Head and The Heart.

“Who We Are” is a return to Fireflight’s rock anthem roots, a call to action in a fracturing world. “The song invites us out of helplessness and into our true identity,” says lead singer Dawn Michele. “As God’s children, it’s our opportunity to step up and show what His love is made of. It’s here for us the day after the disaster. It’s here for us when we have nothing left to give. Now we just have God’s love to give, because we’ve run out of everything we could do in our own power.”

The music video for the song, created by Joel Burris, captures that call. You can watch it below.

“Who We Are” is the first taste of the highly anticipated album The Head and The Heart. The two-part album was cowritten with and produced by Josiah Prince of Disciple, and it will be Fireflight’s first release in partnership with Rockfest Records. You can preorder the album and related merch at

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