Nate Parrish Prepares to Release “Bullets and Blades”

Nate Parrish is preparing to release his next single, “Bullets and Blades,” on October 23 in partnership with Indie Vision Music. You can hear a preview of the song via Indie Vision.

The single follows up I’m a Wreck, which Nate released earlier this year. The singer, songwriter, and guitarist has a history of skills honed through years playing with Worth Dying For and Kutless, and that same work ethic is carrying him through consistently delivered punk rock solo material.

“Bullets and Blades” is particularly timely. “This is a protest song,” Nate explains. “A message to those trying to divide us that we will not be used as ammunition in your war for power. Our allegiance lies in the kingdom of God.”

The chorus exclaims:

“I’m not your bullet, I’m not your blade
I’m not marching in
Your brigade
I’m not your bullet and I’m not your blade
I’m not a weapon in the war you wage.” 

You can learn more about Nate Parrish by following him on Facebook and Instagram as you wait on the new single.

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