Zahna is Booking Acoustic Shows

Zahna has announced a few shows in the coming months as well as opening up some extra spots for acoustic sets. The shows are being planned around Zahna’s sophomore album recording sessions in Nashville with Josiah Prince (Disciple) and Kellen McGregor (Memphis May Fire).

The shows already announced include Sound the Crown with Spoken on March 5-6, 2021, and Get Revelation Rockfest with The Letter Black on May 15, 2021. If you want to catch her earlier than that, she already had two acoustic shows booked in Nashville on November 4 and 5.

“I had so much fun on my last acoustic show, I have decided to open my schedule for a few more acoustic shows surrounding my trip to Nashville,” Zahna explained. “If you ever dreamed to have a goober like me sing some silly songs at your special event, email my agent [].”

To keep up with Zahna heading into what promises to be a full year of touring and new music, find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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