Chaotic Resemblance Rallies Behind Sir Oz Fox With Upcoming Single

Oz Fox and wife Annie

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox has been battling brain tumors and seizures since 2018. This week, he needed prayer warriors to help him overcome another round of serious seizures.

According to a tweet by Annie Lobert, Oz Fox’s wife, the seizure “was one of the most terrifying moments of my life with him!” The guitarist, who is set to have brain surgery later this fall, posted on his social media accounts that he is doing well. “After having a major seizure tonight,” Sir Oz Fox said, “I’m doing better. I appreciate your prayers.”

One band is preparing to do something more tangible to help the longtime rocker. Chaotic Resemblance is planning to release a song featuring Oz Fox on November 5. All proceeds for “Unto the Lamb” will benefit Oz and Annie by going toward their medical expenses, according to a post on Facebook.

Stryper recently released their latest album, Even the Devil Believes, featuring classic riffs by Oz Fox.

Chaotic Resemblance is a metal band hailing formed in Oklahoma. Their most recently released album was 2018’s Covenant.

Keep up with Oz Fox and his health by following him on Facebook, and keep up with the latest on the forthcoming single by Chaotic Resemblance by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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