The Letter Black Announces Guests Vocalists for Upcoming Album

The Letter Black and Trevor McNevan

The Letter Black have been working on a new album, letting fans in on pieces of the process as the weeks go on. On their Facebook, they have been announcing different elements of the album on what they called “Friday Night Lives.” This week they posted who was going to be the guest vocalists.

The first guest vocalist they announced was rock and rap legend Trevor McNevan from Thousand Foot Krutch, FM Static, and I Am The Storm. The second guest vocalist they announced was Blake Whiteley, a solo rap/hip hop artist signed to True Breed Records (the hip-hop cousin of Rockfest Records, under the Nashville Label Group umbrella). These two guest vocalists are bound to bring interesting and diversified contributions to this album.

More will be announced in the upcoming weeks as the album release gets closer. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram for more details!

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