The Heart of Punk: “Bullets and Blades” by Nate Parrish

Nate Parrish Bullets and Blades Cover

Nate Parrish has brought back the heart and sound of classic punk rock with “Bullets and Blades.” The single is a perfect follow up to his album I’m A Wreck, released earlier this year.

“Bullets and Blades” is reminiscent of the golden days of punk rock. The influence of bands like Social Distortion and Descendents are prevalent in the rhythm and tone of the guitars and bass. Chris Bellamy’s saxophone parts add depth and a little modern flair to the old-school feel of the track.

Punk rock has consistently been about being critical of people in power and encouraging individuals to think for themselves. The lyrics of “Bullets and Blades” are no different:

They recruit us
With militant media
They say they'll fight by us
But we're just lead in the gun
A war for election”

Nate Parrish’s solo project is evocative of the outspoken songs and do-it-yourself nature of the original punk movement. In this year of seemingly endless frustration and indignation, “Bullets and Blades” is a call to stand up against a mob mentality and recognize that we are all human.

You can listen to “Bullets and Blades” on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also read our recent Rock On Purpose interview with Nate.

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