Emerald Escape Releases a Song of Testimony with ‘Saved the Day’

Emerald Escape Saved The Day cover

Emerald Escape, the project helmed by Chris George and his wife Lori Peters, has released their second single, “Saved the Day.” It’s a song that carries a powerful and personal story for the couple.

The song is a story of testimony, bringing listeners into Lori’s battle with breast cancer and the way that the couple felt God’s presence with them throughout the healing process. It’s a good accompaniment to the work Lori has done with Breast Cancer Can Stick It. You can listen to the song below.

The lyrics portray God as a superhero, a faithful presence that walks with us through fire without flinching. Rather than denying the experiences of sickness, sadness, and darkness that we inevitably experience, “Saved The Day” shows the way the character of God does not change in and through those moments.

Musically, this is a raw rock track. The tempo is restrained and steady, serving to anchor the power of the lyrics. Just as on Emerald Escape’s first single “Kill the Pain,” the guitar and drum tones are refreshingly untampered with, creating a post-grunge energy that has been rare in recent years.

You can find “Saved The Day” on Spotify and Apple Music. To keep up with Emerald Escape and future music, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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