Splitting the Difference: “Greater” by The Protest

Indiana rockers The Protest constructed a fantastic bridge between Great Lengths (2014) and Legacy (2018) with their latest single, “Greater.”

The Rockfest Records band flex their rock-and-roll muscles by melding the radio-sensitive song structure of Legacy with the punchy, riff-driven angst of Great Lengths. This song is the best of both worlds from The Protest. The midsong breakdown is a thing of beauty that matches the melody of the chorus perfectly.

Lyrically, they cut right to the heart of who they are and why they do what they do: “As long as someone listens, I don’t care who knows my name… I’d give it all to make them see, this is all for something greater than me.” An obvious nod to their faith, these words are an effective mission statement for a band that has made a name for pointing towards Christ in all their efforts.

2020 has given us a plethora of singles from a wide variety of artists, and The Protest has now their hat in the ring. “Greater” is a track that sticks with you long after the music fades and does a lot to pique interest into what they have in store for their fans.

You can stream “Greater” for yourself on Apple Music and Spotify. Keep up with The Protest on Facebook and Instagram.

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