Timely Message Full of Hope: “Follow” By Nine Lashes

It seems like there is a great need for something positive and healing in so many of our lives in 2020. It is fitting that Nine Lashes released a heavy song delivering a powerful message of hope. “Follow” is a banger that features Jeremy Dunn’s vocal range and a musical track that is melodic but intense and driving.

It is also a song full of so much hope, talking about letting go of weight that is carried around and following God to a place of peace.

Find “Follow” on Spotify and Apple Music.

“Follow” is the third single Nine Lashes has released in 2020, following “Guilty Hands” and “Dear Self,” as the band continues to drop tunes that feature a return to their hard rock roots after experimenting for a few years with electronic and EDM.

Keep up with Nine Lashes by following them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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