Former Day of Fire Drummer Launches Solo Project

Day of Fire drummer Zach Simms will release his first single under his solo project, called Tonelantern, on November 20.

In a post on the Day of Fire Facebook page, Simms writes, “Although the band is not collaborating on new DoF music at this time, I have been writing and recording material and am looking to release a full-length album early next year.”

Through Tonelantern, Zach wants to create be rock music that shines the Light. The debut single “Stand Up” is due out November 20. Fellow Day of Fire bandmates Joe and Chris Pangallo were involved in the production. Chris provided bass tracks for the single and both were involved in the process, according to a post on Tonelantern social media pages.

Simms continues by giving some clues as to what to expect from the new music. “I wrote several riffs, melodies and lyrics in DoF, so naturally that same rock vibe is going to carry over into my solo project,” he said, adding “I appreciate all of you for being diehard fans of Day of Fire over the years, and hope you enjoy the music from Tonelantern.”

To learn more and keep up with Zach Simms new project, follow Tonelantern on Facebook.

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