Post-Truth’s Cancer: “Paralyzed” by As We Are

As We Are Paralyzed Cover

The latest single from As We Are is an incredibly hard hitting piece that sees their sound shift from a punk/easycore sound to something more in line with hardcore/hard rock. There is an aggression to this song that holds a tension throughout its runtime. This shift in tone also brings about a darker atmosphere as “Paralyzed” takes a big shot at the belief that “truth is a matter of perception.”

As a call to action, and a warning shot to the troubling post-truth nature of society, the chorus serves as a defiant mantra:

We are the virus, we are the disease
We are the ones that you should fear
we’ll bring you to your knees…
We are the cancer…
you can’t escape us.
Your demise is drawing near.

There is a boldness to these words. Pointing to the truth that Christians are to be world-changers and shapers of culture, the call here is for Christians to live in the purpose for which we were created. The warning is that, as we begin living this way, this worldview will begin to crumble.

This three-piece band from Southern, Illinois has put out a single in “Paralyzed” that would fit right in with the likes of Relent, The Protest, and Islander. As a band known for their hard work, continuously shifting sound, and desire to serve, it will be interesting to see where they go from here. If “Paralyzed” is any indication, there’s plenty more raw honesty to come from this group.

Keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram. Get this song, and more from As We Are, for yourself on Apple Music and Spotify.

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