Fight The Fade To Drop Deluxe Edition Of In ‘Love. In Hope. In Peace.’

Fight the Fade 2020

In Love. In Hope. In Peace. is among the top albums of 2020 so far, and on December 4, Fight The Fade is expanding it with a deluxe release.

The deluxe edition “includes 4 acoustic tracks, a remix and the entire album instrumental,” according to a post on Facebook. Preorder or presave the album by visiting

In Love. In Hope. In Peace. was released on February 7 and offers something for everyone, from acoustic and melodic to hard rock and even a little bit of southern rock added in for good measure.

Fight The Fade, formed in 2009, is known for incorporating elements of alternative and hard rock music into a distinct sound. They have released multiple EPs and studio albums since their formation. Keep up with Fight The Fade by following them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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