Jenna Parr Releases “Mary Did You Know”

Jenna Parr Mary Did You Know Cover

“Mary Did You Know” is a song that has become synonymous with the Christmas season. There have been many renditions of this seasonal staple, but Jenna Parr has really done a fabulous job of setting herself apart with her version.

If you go into this version expecting something similar to what you’ve heard on your go-to Christmas station, you are in for a surprise and a treat.

Jenna Parr’s “Mary Did You Know” is melodic but also has very much a rock element. It’s a passionate, driving song that pulls the listener into the lyrical content of the song. The passion that encapsulates the questions in the songs are only a fitting accompaniment to the passion of Jenna Parr’s vocals and intensity of the musical arrangement.

Find this track on both Spotify and Apple Music. For more music news from Jenna, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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