Forsaken Hero Releases New Christmas Single

Forsaken Hero has released an original Christmas track for fans to enjoy, titled “My Favorite Time of Year.”

This track is upbeat and joyful, exactly what you would want to hear from a Christmas track. “My Favorite Time” blends melodic vocals, synthesized sounds, and stringed elements. It is reminiscent of other classic Christmas tunes, especially with the stringed elements and Emily Price’s vocals. As a fan of Relient K’s Christmas albums, Forsaken Hero’s track feels like it is cut from that same cloth of quirky, upbeat, melodic tunes, while holding true to the message and true meaning of Christmas: Jesus’s birth and the importance of family.

It’s my favorite time of year
So grab yourself a cup of cheer
Gather round the fire and behold
The Greatest Story ever told

You can watch the lyric video below:

Find the track and save to your Christmas Playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Forsaken Hero on Facebook and Instagram for all their music news.

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